Welcome to the TrafficHaus Partner Program

Where we drive content to fuel sites to drive traffic to drive sales all in one place

The TrafficHaus partner program was built as yet another consolidated service to create greater transparency between our publishers and our advertisers. TrafficHaus was built to support our mission to create a more secure environment for our legitimate and premium partners. TrafficHaus already fulfills this mission by creating links for legitimate advertisers with real products and advertising and marketing expertise, to legitimate Publications with real users and real traffic coming in to fuel those products. To extend that mission one step further we've created two products that work in tandem with each other.

The partner program allows for the uploading of videos to our multiple partners from one location. It then allows our publishers to pull from those uploaded videos and provide back links to those that submitted them, as well as tracking to report on the level of engagement with the publications users and the contributed value. This system allows for multiple levels of tracking, marketing, and security. The second part of the partner program will be the integration with our unique digital regulation system, DigiRegs, a partner of TrafficHaus providing copyright protection for content producers, preventing the uploading of copy written works to our publishers, thereby providing protection to our publishers from legal action when a user uploads copy written content.

Benefits to joining the Partner Program

Driving more content, which drives more traffic, which generates more revenue.

Driving more content from content producers through transparency.

Providing content producers and publishers tracking and reporting on the engagement of their content submitted to your site.

Associate a cash value for each video submitted to your site and an associated CPM value based on your advertising units.

Establishing site, keyword or genre based targets. See the reporting to know what site or keyword works best.

Ad management tools for the ads around the videos, allowing content producers to manage their advertisements to have better return on the content they submit to a publication.